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December 28, 2012

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  • five wild step-brothers and sisters
    The recent publicity about welfare dependent British couples with multiple children being given huge homes in upmarket neighborhoods -- causing the neighbors to see red -- reminded Tikki of her own large blended family and the nasty neighbors they had to put up with.
  • my stepdad nearly drowned!
    When Amelia's stepfather had a state of the art swimming pool built in their back yard - with diving board, spa and fountain - she was thrilled to bits. Unfortunately, neither she nor her mother knew that he couldn't swim.
  • my stepmom's garden party
    Billie is 14, an only child, and spends vacations with her father and stepmother. She always comes home with funny stories about these visits because her stepmother -- although nice -- is a social climbing snob and tries her best to smooth out the rough edges in her stepdaughter.
  • a stepfamily killer
    It was a tiny column in the newspaper, just a filler, and Erica only noticed it because her eyes were drawn by an unusual but familiar name. It was her ex-stepfather's name and the grandma who had been murdered was his mother.
  • my stepson hates me!
    Pearl is 36 and married Josh after a whirlwind romance of six months in which she was blinded by love and didn't see that his son, Jake, hated her.
  • my stepsister the poisoner
    Ramona's mother married a divorced man with custody of his 12-year old daughter who, when Ramona was born, was so jealous that she tried to kill her.
  • my stepdaughter's wedding
    Rebecca is 32 and when she married Barney two years ago he was 53 with a 20-year old daughter, Kelsey. She couldn't understand why Kelsey hated her own mother and didn't want to invite her to her wedding.
  • my shunned stepbrother
    Siobhan was 12 when she was forbidden by her mother to keep in contact with her step-brother, Brendan, when he left home at 18 to join the marines. She told Siobhan that she never wanted to see Brendan again and cursed the day that she ever married a man with a kid.
  • wicked stepmother confesses
    Melissa is 23, a newly married housewife and pregnant with her first child. The only problem in her life is her 4- year stepson -- her husband's son from his first marriage -- who visits and sleeps over Saturday nights.
  • stepmother to bereaved kids
    Andrea was 33 when she married George, a widower of 42 with two children, and she -- like most stepmothers -- is a kind and caring woman, far removed from the wicked stepmother stereotype.
  • stepsons and theft
    Freya is a stay at home stepmother and almost a sole parent to a 16-year old boy. While her relationship with him has been very good up until now, she is struggling to understand why he has suddenly starting thieving from her and the neighbors.

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