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November 23, 2012

Homeless Fergie?

After divorce it’s very unusual for couples to consent to live together, but then the marriage of Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, was strange from the start – as strange as Rhoda and Evan’s marriage – and while she didn’t need to turn to Evan for accommodation after their divorce, Rhoda can understand why Fergie did and now faces homelessness after her recent financial indiscretion.

“Actually, it’s not true that Fergie has nowhere to live if Prince Andrew does the royal thing and kick her out for sullying the family name again,” says Rhoda. “She has a small apartment in New York and inherited a mansion in Argentina from her mother’s partner, but there’s not much chance of her wanting to live in exile far away from her daughters and her usual haunts in Europe – especially when she cannot afford the lavish lifestyle she thinks she is entitled to.”

“Of course, Fergie has preempted a royal eviction by offering to quit Prince Andrew’s Royal Lodge in Windsor,” says Rhoda, “but unless the royal family pay her handsomely to keep her mouth shut and provide alternative accommodation at their expense, there is doubt as to whether she will actually leave on her own accord – apparently she has offered to leave before but never carried through.”

“I think Fergie and Andrew had a marriage of convenience just like Evan and I did,” confesses Rhoda. “Evan was gay and I accepted that and after we divorced we became like sister and brother, but I had no reason to continue living with him – Fergie had two daughters to raise and that’s why they stayed together and led separate lives under one roof, first at at Sunninghill – the Berkshire mansion, a wedding gift from the Queen – and then the Royal Lodge in Windsor Great Park, the former residence of the Queen Mother, when Fergie’s rented house in Surrey caught fire after she left a burning candle in the bathroom.”

“If she were forced to leave the Royal Lodge she would have to rent a place – which she cannot afford to do without selling all of her other assets,” says Rhoda. “Also, in her present emotional state, living alone may not be a good idea. The last thing the royal family needs is another fire or an attempted suicide.”

“With the collusion of her two adult daughters, my guess is that Fergie will wheedle or blackmail Andrew into allowing her to stay at the Royal Lodge,” confides Rhoda. “I think it will be virtually impossible to budge her from a mansion set in 100 acres of parkland with servants on tap.”

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