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January 29, 2008

unruly teen alienated by stepfamily

Sapphire, 19, is an arts student, an alienated product of a stepfamily, and a sad example, perhaps, of the total ineffectiveness of healthy lifestyle government propaganda on young people – especially those who get nagged at home about their bad habits.

“My mom and I got along just fine before she married an old health nut almost twice her age with a tribe of nice, clean boring kids who, thankfully, lived with their mother,” explains Sapphire, “and while it may have been okay for him to convert my mom, who idolizes the old fool, it isn’t okay for him to interfere with my life.”

“I don’t want to be a nice clean boring kid like his tribe,” cries Sapphire. “I want to be free to expand my mind and do crazy creative things, and I can only do that when I take drugs. If that makes me unruly, then so be it.”

"I drink, take drugs and of course I smoke," laughs Sapphire, "and the more my stepfather nags me – or the more he shoves propaganda in my face designed to make me stop doing something – the more I want to do it, just to spite him and my mom for selling out.”

"His dictatorial manner drove me to leave home and fend for myself – studying and working casually in the hospitality industry," confides Sapphire, "and I really hate not just him but all the health nut geriatrics like my stepfather who think they rule the world and have the authority to brainwash silly people like my mom into believing they can live forever if they do what he says.”

"Well, if my mom and stepfather do outlive me with their nutty health regime then they will have achieved their immortality over my dead body, through years of nagging me,” says Sapphire. “They're totally selfish."

"Men like my stepfather are terrified of anything – cigarettes, alcohol or even loud music – that might jeopardize their precious immortality, and I can’t forgive my mother for going along with everything he told her to do – that he had done himself to overcome what he considered to be an unhealthy lifestyle.”

"They are ex-smokers, ex-druggies and born-again Christians on a mission to make everyone as boring as they are," cries Sapphire, “and I wish I had my old mom back and our old lifestyle back without him and his boring tribe in it.”

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