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November 06, 2006

wicked stepmother confesses

Melissa is 23, a newly married housewife and pregnant with her first child. The only problem in her life is her 4-year stepson.

"The kid is my husband's son from his first marriage," explains Melissa, "and he visits and sleeps over Saturday nights."

"I know I'm going to sound like a wicked stepmother," says Melissa, "but I really would treat the kid differently if his mother was dead. Unfortunately, she is alive and kicking up her heels every Saturday night and I'm stuck home babysitting her kid for her."

"I asked my husband, Adam, to change his visitation rights to Saturday afternoons rather than a whole day," explains Melissa, "but he doesn't want to cause trouble with his ex and he likes having the kid overnight."

"Because I didn't want Adam to start hating me, I didn't press the point," explains Melissa, "but I made up my mind to do something about the situation. I just didn't want that kid around when my baby was born and I wanted to make sure he never came here again."

"It was pretty easy to gain control of the situation because Adam picked up the kid on Saturday afternoons and rather than taking the kid to the park or something he just dumped the kid on me and went out to a game or did some work," says Melissa.

"When I was alone with the kid I was deliberately nasty and said awful things about his mother," laughs Melissa. "I wanted to make him hate me and hate coming to my place, and I know it wasn't nice to make the kid cry but what else could I do?"

"I poured water over the kid's bed to make it look like he had wet the bed," confesses Melissa, "and I put extra salt on his food to make him look like a picky eater. I also hid and broke a lot of Adam's things to make it look like the kid had done it."

"Adam was responsible for disciplining the kid and it got to a stage where he was constantly smacking the kid for being naughty," says Melissa, "and as expected the kid started to hate his dad, too."

"Soon, the kid was crying almost non-stop from the time he arrived to the time he left," says Melissa. "He wanted to go home to his mommy - and that's what I wanted, too - but Adam kept on telling the kid to behave himself and stop crying."

"Adam's ex must have got wind of what I was doing and made all sorts of demands, one of which was that the kid wasn't to be left alone with me," adds Melissa, "so then Adam got keen about fathering and we started taking the kid out together on Saturday afternoons."

"Adam bought a skateboard for the kid and one day I pushed him so hard that he went skyrocketing down the road and crashed into a parked car and broke a leg," laughs Melissa. "It looked like a normal accident, so I got away with it, but it worked a treat."

"His mother was furious that the kid ended up in hospital and her Saturday night date had to be canceled," laughs Melissa, "and I was really good to Adam that night so he wouldn't feel bad about what had happened."

"The kid didn't come to our place for two weeks after that," says Melissa, "and I thought my troubles were over. But then Adam stupidly tried to force his ex to give him the kid by refusing to pay maintenance. They had dreadful fights and I had to put up with Adam being in a bad mood the whole time."

"Money isn't really an issue with us," says Melissa, "but I couldn't believe my good luck when the kid's mother refused Adam access to the kid on the basis of cruelty and negligence and said he could stick his money!"

"My baby will be born in a few week's time and it's great not having her kid spoiling my life any more," says Melissa. "As soon as we have a kid of our own Adam will settle down and forget about the other kid. It's the way men are, right?"

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