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April 14, 2008

stepfathering girls is dangerous

After a picture that Nicole drew of her stepfather for ‘show and tell’ at school aroused unjust suspicion of pedophilia, her mother became very wary about sharing any private information with her just in case she'd blurt it out at ‘show and tell’ and get the family into trouble again.

"I don't think mom told my stepfather about the offending drawing," says Nicole, "and just as well, too, because he would have been absolutely mortified that anyone could have suspected him of abusing me - and it would have definitely affected his relationship with me."

"For instance," explains Nicole, "he would have been scared to give me a hug and just imagine how that would have stunted my emotional growth."

"However, the most likely outcome of my stepfather finding out that he was suspected of child abuse would have been my removal from the school - and that would have changed the course of my life dramatically."

"But removing me from the school would not have removed the suspicion - and may have made it worse," sighs Nicole.

"It's a bit scary that a record of that suspicion exists today and that it's still in my teacher's memory banks, too."

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