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November 24, 2012

stations in life

Bridget left school at sixteen in order to find work and gain independence from a family that believed higher education was for rich people, not ordinary folk like them, but despite her station in life she never lost her dream to study law – and finally it came true.

“I really wanted to stay on at school, graduate and go to university,” says Bridget, “but nobody in the family had a higher education and my parents thought I was aiming way past my station in life to want to be a lawyer.”

“I was married at 18 and over seven years I had four children,” laughs Bridget, “but I always had it at the back of my mind that I would fulfil my dream one day."

"In between having four kids and a part-time job I studied to keep my dream alive," says Bridget, "and nine years after leaving school my dream came true - I won a place at law school."

“I took leave from my part-time job, put my children into childcare and became a full-time law student at the age of 25,” laughs Bridget triumphantly. “This was going to be my time to achieve my dream, to start the journey towards the gold medal for excellence in law that I craved, and I was determined to let nobody stop me.”

"I may have been 'just a mom' to the other students," confides Bridget, "but I proved I was the best – I did magnificently in my half yearly exams, topping the class in all of the subjects and my ego soared.”

“Such achievements, of course, did not come easily,” sighs Bridget. “I studied all night and at weekends and my family life suffered, as did my mental health.”

“Eventually I cracked.”

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