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June 15, 2010

burdens and blessings

Amanda fell pregnant at the age of 16 – just like her mom did – and rather than have an abortion or raise the baby as a burden – like her mom did – she chose, instead, to have the baby and treat it like a blessing.

"My mother was furious when I told her I was pregnant," confides Amanda. "She gave me an ultimatum - have an abortion or get out of her life - and I chose to have the baby and get out of her life. We're reconciled now, sort of, but those early years without her support were scary."

"Having my daughter looks like being the only worthwhile thing I'll ever do in my life," says Amanda, "and I'm so glad I don't know who her father was because otherwise I might resent her and treat her like a burden rather than a precious gift.”

“That's the way my mom raised me - as a burden - and while I understand her bitterness, it's something no child should have to put up with."

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