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June 09, 2010

breeding monsters

Delilah is 52, married with grown up children living independently, and she blames her generation for breeding the monsters who are how taking over the workplace, pushing out older workers, and generally treating older people with contempt, believing that they are the rightful masters of the universe.

“My adult children have more or less turned their backs on my husband and I since they left home, well educated and set up thanks the sacrifices we made for them,” says Delilah, “and judging by the way the young things at work treat me, I suspect that all Baby Boomers are responsible for breeding these monsters and we should blame ourselves, not them, for how these kids turned out.”

"Whereas we came from families of four of more children, and learned to share," explains Delilah, "we tended to have one or two children and we either spoilt them to death or left them to their own devices while we did our own thing."

"They grew up with a sense of self-importance, selfishness and ruthless determination that we, their parents, lack,” says Delilah, “and most times I am really scared to call my children, because they clearly don’t want to know us and have no need for us in their lives any more.”

“Frankly, I am worried about growing old with people like my children in charge of the world.”

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