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May 26, 2010

Is Fergie reliving her childhood?

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, has devoted so much of her life since her divorce from Prince Andrew to ‘childish’ pursuits – partying with her daughters as if she were their age, as well as carving a career for herself writing children’s books – that Rhoda wonders whether Fergie is reliving her childhood, obliquely telling us something about it or, more likely, in view of her own experience, is she compensating for one she didn’t have?

“In becoming a cordon bleu chef and running a niche catering business I often feel that I am compensating for the childhood I didn’t have in terms of good nutrition and healthy living,” confides Rhoda, “so it wouldn’t surprise me if Fergie’s current preoccupations with childish or childlike pursuits is some sort of compensation for being forced to grow up too fast, missing out on a lot of kid’s stuff.”

“Fergie’s parents divorced when she was 13 and she more or less lived an adult life from then onwards,” explains Rhoda. “My parents divorced when I was 9 and they more or less kept me as a child until I left home – so I got to do lots of kid’s stuff but my mom was a lousy cook and when I was with dad he would feed me even lousier frozen food!”

“Fergie started writing the Budgie series of children’s books in 1989, and as far as I know she didn’t get involved in any children’s charities until 1993 – a year after the toe-sucking incident – when she founded Children in Crisis,” says Rhoda. “After her divorce in 1996 she concentrated on her personal life, losing weight, and it wasn’t until 2004 that she became heavily involved in helping children, starting with becoming the official spokesperson of SOS Children's Villages USA.”

“Fergie has been ridiculed for spending much of her time hanging out with her daughters at nightclubs, dancing till dawn and generally acting like mutton dressed up as lamb,” says Rhoda, “but I think this is more a case of ‘making up’ to her daughters for all the time she didn’t spend with them as little girls, preferring instead the company of men.”

“When Fergie announced at the recent Los Angeles presentation of an award for her services to the children’s charity, Variety, that she prefers children to adults she was stating the obvious,” laughs Rhoda. “A cynic may say that she earns her crust writing children’s books and with a new series to promote she was merely buttering her bread with that remark, but I think she genuinely prefers to be with children because she is ‘there’ herself and will never be judged unfairly by her young readers or those children she helps through her charity work.”

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