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May 24, 2010

Fergie Flouts Family

Rhoda married into a wealthy family and later divorced their double-life son, but while there are many parallels with her story and that of Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, she is aghast at the way Fergie has flouted all that the royal family stands for and is now on the precipice of another calamity.

“In her shady ‘cash for introductions’ scheme Fergie was shamelessly using her royal family connections to make a huge amount of money,” says Rhoda, “and now that she is facing investigation after being caught on film accepting a large wad of cash the family is distancing itself from her and probably wishing that a more generous divorce settlement had been awarded to her – but somehow one gains the impression that no amount of money will satiate the Duchess of York, whose appetites are legendary.”

“I was surprised like everyone else when Fergie was caught in the toe-sucking incident with her financial advisor John Bryan in 1992, just six years after she married Prince Andrew,” says Rhoda, “but when the couple later divorced and remained good friends, living together leading separate lives, I began to understand that their marriage, like mine, was one of convenience and a lot of secrets.”

“After their divorce in 1996 Fergie received a paltry settlement of £15,000 pa – a drop in the bucket compared with what Diana received – and while she worked hard to finance her lavish lifestyle, mostly through sources that embarrassed her children and the royal family, she muddled through until she could no longer keep her creditors at bay.”

“Being a spokesperson for Weightwatchers was bad enough, but when Fergie turned to Arab princes to pay her debts she was really flouting the family honor,” says Rhoda. “One Arab prince offered to pay off her multi-million pound overdraft for a sexual liaison, but she opted instead to kiss him for £50,000 – isn’t that prostitution?”

“When a fake sheik offered her £500,000 in return for an introduction to Prince Andrew – and the promise of favors from him in relation to his government position as the United Kingdom's Special Representative for International Trade and Investment – Fergie was sprung accepting a wad of cash.”

“On being caught red-handed, Fergie offered to repay the money but the damage had been done.”

“While Prince Andrew may show leniency towards her for the sake of their daughters, and perhaps the Queen may soften, too, for the same reason,” says Rhoda, “there is no chance of any sympathy from her former father-in-law, Prince Philip, or her former brother-in-law Prince Charles.”

“Accepting a wad of money from a shady sheik is not something that royal family members do, and neither do they sell out each other in the manner than Fergie was proposing to do!”

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