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May 27, 2010

Mother of the Year?

The year was 2007 and the Mother of the Year award came from the American Cancer Society and Rhoda was gobsmacked to read that the recipient was Sarah Ferguson, aka Fergie the Duchess of York, notorious for being filmed topless with her two little daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie, looking on while their mother had her toes sucked by her lover and financial advisor, John Bryan, while she was still married to their father, Prince Andrew.

“Excuse me,” laughs Rhoda, “but isn’t the whole point of an award to give it to someone eminently deserving of it?”

“Fergie may be forging a career for herself as a children’s book author and a champion of children everywhere in her charity work,” concedes Rhoda, “but during the time when she was actually a mother, raising small children, her behavior as a role model for her daughters was abysmal – more especially so because she was raising the Queen’s grand-daughters.”

“And, with thousands of worthy mothers struggling to raise children while battling cancer, why on earth would the American Cancer Society overlook them for the award of Mother of the Year in favor of a healthy celebrity mom – and not a very good one at that?” asks Rhoda. “What’s wrong with them?”

“Also, Miss America wins her award on her youth, beauty and charm, not the reverse,” laughs Rhoda, “and it really is a joke that someone whose daughters have grown up and is old enough to be a grandmother would be eligible for the award.”

“Of course, I suppose the whole Mother of the Year award is really about raising money not praising motherly qualities,” sighs Rhoda, “and in this respect Fergie might even qualify for Wife of the Year, despite the fact that she hasn’t been one for a long time and wasn’t a very good one when she was.”

“Fergie’s association with the American Cancer Society goes back to her participation in the Great American Weigh In, raising awareness of the link between obesity and cancer,” explains Rhoda, “and I suppose the award was the Society’s way of keeping her on board as a celebrity money raiser – but what a kick in the teeth to all the real mothers out there, mothers who never had nannies and servants looking after their kids for them, never had the luxury of time to dabble in writing Budgie books because they were too busy working to put food on the table, and never had the inclination to indulge in affairs and expose their kids to all the sordid details of them.”

“What’s really surprising about Fergie’s relationship with her adult daughters, though, is that they seem to genuinely idolize her,” adds Rhoda. “And that’s another kick in the teeth to all the ‘real’ mothers out there who, after years of sacrifice, are often treated very badly by their adult children.”

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