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May 09, 2010

religious rites

Yoli has a little boy and she rebelled against family tradition when it came to circumcising him, believing it is a religious rite than has nothing to do with cleanliness and more to do with sexual abuse of little boys.

“Ritual buggery is the way in which tribal Aboriginal boys are introduced to manhood in Australia today, and it's a practice that's as old as the hills and as pervasive as religion itself in most societies,” says Yoli, “but it's secret men's business, nobody dares talk about it, and for centuries they haven't, until now.”

“When a little boy is raped or is asked to perform oral sex on a priest, or has a priest perform oral sex on him, he is sworn to secrecy and within the mumbo jumbo of religion, with all of the other strange rites he has to perform, the confused child thinks that what the priest requires of him is a religious thing - and that's exactly how the priest sees it, because the same thing undoubtedly happened to him when he was an altar boy.”

“To label it as pedophilia is not exactly correct,” explains Yoli. “The man may indeed be attracted to young boys, but sacred buggery is an ancient religious practice in the same way that circumcism is, and it is also related to cleanliness.”

“Both practices are barbaric, but when you have ancient religions created, dominated and perpetuated by men who have no sexual interest in women or consider them inferior, purely for procreation, what else can you expect?” asks Yoli. “Their sacred juices deserve sacred vessels, and that’s what ritual buggery is all about. To them it’s not a crime, it’s a sacred act, and it needs to be performed with clean vessels – virginal boys, free of disease.”

“Priests no longer murder innocent virginal children as blood sacrifices to the great god in the sky, but they continue to sacrifice them in other ways,” says Yoli. “The church will deny it, but even without the evidence of the victims you only have to look at the way the church is run to see there is something dark and evil about it.”

“In a sect such as the Catholic Church which enforces celibacy on its priests relating to marriage with a woman and the procreation of children - and forbids women into its cloistered 'family' - homosexuality among priests and ritual buggery of boys is the norm rather than the exception,” claims Yoli. “The Catholic Church does not attract normal men, with normal desires into its priesthood; it attracts abnormal men, with abnormal desires and these men are made abnormal by being buggered as little boys. Get it? From the parish priest right up to the pope, they’ve all been buggered.”

“Sacred buggery of boys is the norm, not the exception,” repeats Yoli. “It’s how they initiate boys into becoming priests, and that’s why the practice persists.”

“In this respect, Pope Benedict's closest aide, Cardinal José Saraiva Martins, is correct when he said: "We should not be too scandalised if some bishops knew about it but kept it secret ... this is what happens in every family, you don't wash your dirty laundry in public" and he is also correct in claiming that "there is a well-organised plan, with a clear aim" in exposing these pedophile priests as well as the Vatican cover up.”

“Well educated women everywhere, liberated by the Pill and abortion on demand, are no longer attracted to a Church that demeans them and excludes them and uses the male fruits of their wombs as pillow biters,” says Yoli. “For centuries, men - the victims, the perpetrators and the enablers - have kept quiet about ritual buggery; and our clear aim is to open this can of worms that calls itself the Vatican, lift the robes of the priests, cardinals and pope, and liberate all the little boys we find there trembling in fear.”

“We intend to bring all religions into the 21st century, and before we start on the barbaric practices of religions in other parts of the world we need to reform our own,” says Yoli, “and we can start by liberating little boys from the barbaric practice of sacred buggery so that they can grow up with the self-respect needed in order to have normal relationships with women and children.”

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