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July 10, 2010

materialism vs motherhood

Daisy is amazed by the materialistic values of young women these days – believing that they need to have suitable housing and certain amount of money before they start families – and she worries that if these women don't wake up to themselves that they will miss out on having a family altogether.

"I believe the best time to start a family is in your twenties - your thirties are for second or third children, not your first," says Daisy. "It's all about the age of your eggs - young ones, less exposed to toxic stuff are best; and the age of your body - you're far more supple in your twenties than you are in your thirties, making it easier to give birth and bounce back."

"It's really sad to hear young women today bleating on about needing suitable housing - at least 3 bedrooms and a garden - and a good income before they feel 'ready' to start a family," says Daisy. "Some even say quite openly that they are delaying having babies, hoping that their parents die early so that they can inherit their house!"

"How materialistic is that?" asks Daisy. "If earlier generations held values like those of these young women, none of us would be here today. No generation ever started their families having it 'all', and if these women don't wake up to themselves pretty smartly they will miss out on having a family altogether.”

"I'm so glad I started my family in a flea-ridden shoebox in my early 20s and never thought about my financial situation until my kids had grown up and my marriage had dissolved," says Daisy. "The prospect of postponing motherhood to amass 'trappings' and then have my kids wait impatiently for my death so that they can get their hands on my dosh and start off having it 'all' is too scary for words."

"Women who delay starting a family in hope that their parents will die early and leave them a big inheritance are being silly," says Daisy. "People are living longer not shorter lives, and with degenerative diseases and exorbitant health costs, parents will definitely need to sell their house to pay for their care. So, forget the inheritance."

"You know, every time I hear these young women bleating on about how much they would like to start a family but just can't afford to," says Daisy, "I think what they are really saying is that their material comfort and careers are far more important than motherhood."

"Depending upon how much a young woman wants a child, she can ditch her career and become a welfare mom; find herself a rich husband; freeze her young and healthy eggs and go for IVF when she's better off financially; or she can do what generations before her have done and 'just do it' and stop being so materialistic."

"Once the hormones kick in, Mother Nature puts materialism into perspective."

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