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May 07, 2010

sexy girl

When Cheyenne was 13 her parents took her along to a party at which very few children were present and it was at that party that she discovered her destiny was going to be somewhere in the limelight -- actually, a powerful position in television which she gained without exerting anything more than her eyelashes.

"It's true that I discovered my looks were my destiny that day," laughs Cheyenne, "but I had to wait three more years before I could use it."

"I had always been a pretty child," confesses Cheyenne, "but I had no idea how powerful my sexual attraction was until that party."

"All of the eyes of the men in that room were positively riveted on me," says Cheyenne, "and all of the eyes of the women in that room were shooting daggers at me!"

"I wasn't dressed provocatively or anything like that," explains Cheyenne. "I was a demurely dressed 13 year old girl sipping soda in a room with executive types and their wives."

"I am very tall and slim," says Cheyenne, "and I think that helps attract attention - but my face is definitely my fortune."

"I was schooled by nuns at an exclusive girls' school so I never had men ogling me during my high school years," says Cheyenne, "but whenever my parents took me out the men's heads turned in admiration - and desire!"

"I hated school and couldn't wait to leave," says Cheyenne. "I was hopeless at study - I really was."

"At 16 my father pulled some strings - not very hard," laughs Cheyenne, "and I got a job at a television studio as a production assistant."

"I went from behind the scenes to in front of the camera very quickly," explains Cheyenne. "And the rest is history."

"No matter what people say," laughs Cheyenne, "there is no casting couch in television like there may be in the movie industry. But I do get tons of dates through my work."

"I am always treated with great respect by the guys I work with and date - and in this business I get to meet tons of new guys."

"I'm 24 now and I'm hosting a top show and I love it," says Cheyenne. "I am not at all interested in settling down - I am very much single minded and career conscious."

"I don't feel at all concerned or ashamed that I got to the top by virtue of my looks and the sexual power I hold over men," laughs Cheyenne.

"Why should I?"

"It's the only power I am ever likely to have and while it lasts I may as well make the most of it!"

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