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August 17, 2008

one child is enough

Jerri is taking advantage of job loss to have her first (and last) child and she is also seriously stocking up on food in order to survive what she believes is going to be an impending food crisis far worse than that suffered by Ireland in 1847 because this time it will be global.

“Of course I’d like to have more children,” explains Jerri, “but my family’s story was a lesson that everyone needs to learn. They had their own land and were self-sufficient, or thought they were, until the ‘famine’.”

“Five or their eight children died of starvation because their land was incapable of feeding 10 people and putting some food aside for emergencies.”

”They had money put aside,” explains Jerri, “but there was no food to be bought. Instead, they bought tickets to greener pastures.”

“Thousands weren’t that lucky,” sighs Jerri. “When there’s no food, you can’t eat money or food stamps.”

“Ever since then, generations of my family have waited until they were financially established and food secure – with their own home, investments, vegetable garden and fully stocked larder -- before starting a family,” says Jerri, “and none of them exceeded two children, despite being urged by the church to go forth and multiply and to shun contraceptive methods.”

“The thought of bringing babies into the world to watch them die of starvation is too cruel to imagine,” explains Jerri, “and because I see the world hurtling towards mass starvation and mayhem I am a little bit scared about having even one child – but at 32 it’s either now or never.”

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