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May 04, 2008

locked up living fritzl dolls

When Josef Fritzl’s horror hit the headlines around the world, Patrice was immediately taken back to a time when Cliff Richard was crooning about living dolls being locked up in a trunk ‘so no big hunk can take you away from me' and she spent a long time reflecting upon the similarities between her life and that of the Fritzl family.

“Rosemarie Fritzl and I are the same age and had the same miserable marriage to a dominating man of the same age,” says Patrice. “We also had the same number of children and celebrated the same empty nest year in 1984 - the year that Elisabeth was incarcerated in the Amstetten cellar as a sex slave – a locked up living doll.”

“I wondered why Rosemarie didn’t take advantage of the empty nest to seek divorce, as I did, resulting in my enjoying 24 years of independence, now a blissful retirement,” says Patrice. “That Rosemarie chose to suffer 24 years of further domination and dependence, rather than seek freedom, is the prime reason why poor Elisabeth was locked up, and now Rosemarie has an old age ahead of her to spend wallowing in guilt, misery and shame.”

"Rosemarie’s behavior is decidedly bizarre – but so is the whole family’s,” says Patrice. “Elisabeth had several older siblings as well as aunts and uncles – why didn’t they worry about Elisabeth’s sudden disappearance in 1984 and mount some sort of campaign to find her?”

“Rosemarie is either mentally defective -- and thus cannot be blamed for a situation she enabled -- or she is guilty, if only of turning a blind eye to a heinous crime on the basis that when Fritzl was raping her 11 year old daughter, or someone else, she was being spared that ordeal herself or having to leave her comfort zone to do something about it.”

“Maybe she was the original locked up Fritzl doll?”

“To avoid an accomplice charge or guilt by association, I believe Rosemarie will play the thick as a plank card for all it’s worth," sighs Patrice. “She will do everything possible to come out of this smelling like the proverbial rose, but her image has been irreparably tarnished.”

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