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May 15, 2008

Was Rosemarie Fritzl Blameless?

Patrice not only raises the question of Rosemarie Fritzl’s negligence in relation to breeding and raising children with a convicted rapist and sex addict, but she also exhorts all mothers to open their eyes, take note of any changed behavior in their children and to let them know that they can talk openly about anything – especially secrets with daddy or male relatives – which is something that Rosemarie’s children could not do.

“No mother of little girls wants to consider the possibility that her partner, the father of her children, could look upon them with lust,” says Patrice, “but my husband was so over-sexed that I most certainly did think of this possibility and took precaution at all time with my daughters.”

"Whether we wanted to have children or not, and whether we hold down a full-time job or not," says Patrice, “the law may say that parenting is an equally shared responsibility but we all know, deep down, that mothers are 100% responsible for their children’s welfare, especially their daughters

“What sort of relationship did Rosemarie have with her 11-year old daughter that Elisabeth could not turn to her for help -- was she jealous of her pretty daughter?” asks Patrice. “And why did she repeatedly take in Elisabeth’s dumped babies without demanding that the authorities track her down, check on her welfare and discover who the father was (for birth certificate reasons if not child support payments)?

“Didn’t Rosemarie speak to other women or come across any media material dealing with male sexuality?” asks Patrice. “Didn’t she know that a lot of men fantasize about incest, and when the opportunity presents itself -- especially when they have no other outlet -- they are likely to act out these fantasies?”

"In that pretty little Elisabeth was first raped by her father at the age of 11, right under her mother's nose -- and this despicable situation continued until the girl was incarcerated in the cellar at 18 despite repeatedly running away and being returned by the authorities -- I believe that Rosemarie was particularly derelict in her duty towards the child because she not only must have discovered, as I did, that her husband had an abnormal sexual appetite but also, in view of his previous conviction, she knew without a doubt that he was perfectly capable of rape and no pretty young girl was safe to be alone with him -- particularly in his own home -- and having more brains or decency than her mother perhaps this is why Elisabeth did not allow her friends to meet her father.”

“We may never learn the truth about Rosemarie, but whatever it is, her reconciliation desire never to be parted from Elisabeth again is a scary prospect of yet another period of filial bondage for the unfortunate daughter."

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