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August 16, 2008

our 1960s or their mid-life crisis?

Marina always thought that the swinging sixties was her generation expressing itself, leaving childhood behind and hanging out as cool teenagers, but now that she is older and wiser and has time to think about it, she has come to the conclusion that the whole thing – from drugs to free love and rock and roll – was orchestrated by the Golden Generation going through their mid-life crisis.

“The guys behind the scenes, financing the bands and providing the drugs were all in their early 40s – the dangerous age – and they all preyed on young girls like me. After all, they fought for freedom in WWII, they’re war heroes; they deserved it, right?”

“I came to this conclusion after realizing that my whole life has been overshadowed by my parents’ generation,” explains Marina. “You know, the so-called Golden Generation, the depression kids and the war heroes born during the 1920s, and before, who came of age during WWII.”

“These guys were in their teens when the times were dangerous but terribly exciting,” says Marina, “and the world was their oyster then and, because of their continuing power and influence, it still is.”

“After the war they settled down for a while to raise families – giving birth to my generation of Baby Boomers,” says Marina, “and then, when they hit their 40s, they had the mother of all mid-life crises which ushered in the Swinging 60s, bringing back all the excitement of the war years that they missed so much.”

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