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August 29, 2012

stupid looking knickers

Dahlia never took much notice of anything her mother told her about sex and boys, but one bit of advice she should have followed was to always pay attention to her panties just in case she got whipped off to hospital one day.

"Well, take it from me that far more important than that bit of advice," laughs Dahlia, "is to make sure if you're wearing black panties that they aren't pilled with white fluff because you never know when you're going to end up with your skirt over your head!"

Getting caught with black panties pilled with white fluff happened twice to Dahlia and it was all her mother's fault.

"Mom insists on doing my washing rather than leaving it for me to do," explains Dahlia, "and I wouldn't mind so much but she never separates the whites from the coloreds and as a result all of my black clothes are pilled with white fluff."

"The first time I was caught with black panties pilled with white fluff was when my boyfriend gave me a mock spanking and said my panties were a real turn-off," sighs Dahlia. "I tried to laugh it off but I was so embarrassed that I had to go out and buy new panties and I told mom never ever to touch my washing again."

"I should have thrown the white pilled black panties away," says Dahlia, "but for some reason they ended up in the bottom of my underwear drawer and one day when I ran out of clean panties I was happy to find the old knickers."

"Better to wear clean white pilled black panties than no panties - and perish the thought that I would ever wear unclean panties!"

"Unfortunately I forgot I was wearing the old knickers when my girlfriends suggested we go to a bar after work," says Dahlia.

"There was a real cool band playing and a lot of people were dancing," says Dahlia, "and I was thrilled when a cute guy asked me to dance."

"As soon as we got on the little dance floor I regretted that decision," grimaces Dahlia.

"The guy was one of those movers and shakers who liked to fling his dancing partner around and as a result everyone else moved off the floor leaving us doing an exhibition number."

"Encouraged by the cheers of the crowd the guy got more energetic than ever and the next thing I knew he hurled me right over his head and you guessed it - my skirt went over my head and those white pilled black panties got a public airing."

"My girlfriends laughed till they wet themselves but I was so embarrassed that I went home that night, emptied my underwear drawer and cut into little pieces all those white pilled black panties that remained and stuffed the pieces into the rubbish bin."

"If I ever run out of clean panties again I would rather wear unclean panties - sprayed with perfume - than suffer the humiliation of getting caught wearing a pair of stupid looking knickers."

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