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August 27, 2012

Fergie’s broken homes

When someone falters in adult life it’s often the case that a broken home is blamed, and in the case of Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, this may very well be true but coming from a broken home herself Rhoda is not so sure that her childhood experience of a broken home is to blame for a subsequent divorce – but she does concede that Fergie’s experience of her parent’s divorce at 13 would have been far more devastating than hers.

“My life experience is similar to Fergie’s in some respects,” confesses Rhoda. “My parents divorced when I was 9, old enough to understand what was going on but not mature enough to understand the sex stuff; and I also married into a very wealthy family and divorced after 6 years.”

“Unlike Fergie, I didn’t have any children so I wasn’t breaking up another home when I divorced Evan,” explains Rhoda. “Also, I was an only child, I didn’t have to deal with a step-mother and half-brothers and sisters, I wasn’t promiscuous, I didn’t have a weight problem to deal with, and I didn’t have financial troubles after divorce because my ex’s family set me up in a business and made sure I would do well.”

“Remembering what I was like at 13 it must have been devastating for Fergie to face her mother leaving her and her older sister Jane in order to move to Argentina to marry the polo player Hector Barrantes,” says Rhoda. “I can’t imagine how strange it would be for a girl that dangerous age to be left in the care of her father, especially one who was a renowned womanizer, who quickly remarried and had three more children.”

“Fergie must have been exposed to a whole lot of sexual stuff at home with her mother and father running around with lovers at an age when she was just discovering her own sexuality,” explains Rhoda. “This sort of stuff must have impacted on her far more than it did her older sister Jane, and her promiscuity may indicate some sort of sexual abuse, too.”

“I think that Fergie’s broken home not only normalized divorce for her, but promiscuity, too,” says Rhoda. “How else can you explain her promiscuity during her marriage to Prince Andrew – having affaires when he was on naval tours or on royal engagements – and subjecting her own daughters to the same type of childhood she had?”

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