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August 27, 2012

puzzle smartie

Ava is 34, happily married with three children, and has a high powered academic position. She admits that outside the ivy league corridors she would not stand a chance competing with other graduates for corporate employment because she is neither beautiful nor street smart - but her destiny was sealed at the age of 11 when she solved a puzzle that nobody in her family - not even her parents - could work out.

"It was a cardboard puzzle - a promotion by a particular beverage company," explains Ava, "and I won a prize for my efforts!"

"From that day onwards I felt special," confides Ava. "Everyone in my family was awed by my intelligence and I was given privileges that not even my older brother received."

"My family wasn't very wealthy but my parents bought me an encyclopedia and all the books I wanted," laughs Ava.

"They encouraged me to expand my knowledge in all fields and I didn't disappoint their faith in me."

"I consistently topped my class throughout high school and finally I won a scholarship to the local university - where I've been ever since!"

"I'm not good looking and my figure leaves much to be desired," laugh Ava, "but being smart makes up for all my physical defects."

"From the age of 11 I've stood out as being a person who can solve any puzzle and answer any question," says Ava, "and from this gift I've gained tremendous power."

"After I qualified, my decision to become an academic - rather than go out into the corporate jungle - was yet another exercise of my smarts," laughs Ava.

"You don't need to be a Rhodes Scholar to appreciate how the world works," confesses Ava.

"I'm a brain not a people pleaser or manipulator - I would not have succeeded in the corporate world, they would have eaten me for breakfast!"

"Smart power is not just about being a brain - it's about making smart decisions."

"In the academic world I am respected and wield a great deal of power," says Ava.

"I am well aware that the academic world is not the real world - it is a rarefied environment in which brains like me can wield a lot of power that they would not be able to wield elsewhere."

"When I'm home with my kids I'm just a mom," laughs Ava.

"And yes, I still love puzzles - my house is full of them!"

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