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August 27, 2012

childhood flashbacks

Piper, 23, is a recent graduate who lives with her grandmother – a lady who has raised her from the age of six.

"Since living with my grandmother my life has been calm and happy," explains Piper. "I was able to forget my parents and painful early childhood experiences, but the traumatic transition from campus to first job has turned my life upside down – I am sleeping badly and suffering painful flashbacks."

"When someone verbally abuses me at work I am reduced to being a vulnerable little kid," explains Piper. "I go home in terror and in this state my brain flashes long-ago bad experiences back into my consciousness. It's horrible."

"My grandmother told me to think of my parents kindly even though they were abusive towards me," says Piper. "She told me they were damaged due to drugs and didn't know what they were doing."

“The verbal abuse I’m subjected to at work reminds me of the hateful words hurled at me by my parents when I was a kid," says Piper, “and they cut me up badly, just like they did when I was a kid.”

"Thankfully I have a supportive grandmother and good self-esteem otherwise I would be in real trouble."

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