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August 28, 2012

Andrew and Sarah

Prince Andrew, the Queen’s second son, married Sarah Ferguson on July 23, 1986, and became the Duke and Duchess of York. They have two daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie. Unusual for a royal marriage, Sarah is the same age as Andrew.

Sarah’s mother fell in love with the Argentine polo player, , and left England to be with him, leaving Sarah, then 13, to be raised by her father. Major Ronald Ferguson (who was actually only a captain) quickly remarried and had many affaires.

It was through her father that Sarah met Prince Andrew who, at the time, was ending a long relationship with the actress Koo Stark.

In 1992, just six years after she married Prince Andrew, Sarah was caught in the toe-sucking incident with her financial advisor, John Bryan. The couple divorced in 1996 and remained good friends, living together leading separate lives.

In her divorce settlement Sarah received £15,000 pa – a drop in the bucket compared with what Diana received – and while she worked hard to finance her lavish lifestyle, she was continually in debt and relied heavily on Andrew and a string of rich boyfriends to bail her out.

While Sarah’s private life always attracts media attention, Andrew’s remains a heavily guarded secret. Sarah has made it clear that she will never remarry, and as such will remain the Duchess of York for life and every discretion in her life will reflect on the royal family forever.

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