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June 02, 2012

school choir to opera publicist

After an abortive attempt to make a childhood dream come true, Flora, 25, ended up not as a singer - or even a song writer - but as a publicist for an opera company and is in her element being around performers every day.

"I had wanted to be a singer ever since I had the lead singing role in an elementary school operatic production." explains Flora. "I saw it as my destiny, but I guess I didn't have enough talent for the world at large."

"Actually, it wasn't so much the act of performing - being out in the limelight - that I was entranced with," explains Flora, "but the whole theatrical thing - being part of a choir and getting dressed up for performances - you know what I mean."

"So, becoming involved with an opera company - in whatever capacity - was my real vocation - not singing."

"I had performed in school productions since my first year at school," says Flora. "But the production that made me a star happened in the year before I started high school."

"It was an operetta - the Raggle Taggle Gypsies - and I played and sang the part of the handsome prince!"

"It was held at the city hall - not the school concert hall - and it was a really big production."

"There was one scene in which the curtains came down behind me and I faced the audience alone - and my voice must have faltered because the girl standing in for me started singing behind the curtain - which was unnerving," laughs Flora, "so I should have known then that I wasn't such a great singer after all!"

"Nevertheless I persisted in being a star choir girl throughout high school and beyond - but every door I knocked on after leaving school didn't get me a part in a paying production."

"I tried song writing for a while with a boyfriend and we performed at a few bars - but we weren't making much money and finally I ended up taking a job with the publicity department of an opera company - and everything fell into place for me."

"When you find your true vocation in life it's like the feeling you get when you come home from a long trip," explains Flora. "And, as my story shows, it may not be exactly as you planned it would be."

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