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August 29, 2012

from prefect to public service

Autumn is 54, married with a grown up son at college, and after a lifetime of waiting and working her way through the ranks she finally holds a position of power in the public service that she believes was her destiny from the age of eleven.

"My secret to gaining power and success has more to do with seniority and sticking things out more than anything else," confesses Autumn.

"My very first taste of power came in the final year of primary school when I was made a prefect," laughs Autumn.

"Up until then I didn't even know what power was - but in that year I tasted something really sweet that has powered me ever since. If power is a vocation, then it was mine!."

"Being made a prefect was a honor given to all girls in the final year of my primary school - except for the dunces or the really naughty girls," explains Autumn, "so I wasn't particularly smart and I didn't show exceptional leadership qualities or anything like that."

"Being made a prefect was purely a matter of having attained a certain age - seniority over everyone else in the school."

"I loved that badge and the power that went with it," laughs Autumn, "and I knew then that I wanted to be important when I grew up."

"My duties as a prefect involved taking charge of a particular kindergarten class when their class teacher was unavailable."

"I'd line them up for roll call every morning and supervise them at play breaks and lunch breaks and report them for being naughty," laughs Autumn.

"Of course, my power was rudely taken away from me when I started at high school," sighs Autumn, "but five years later I was again made a prefect for the exact same reasons - seniority and general good behavior."

"In the public service the exact same rules applied," explains Autumn. "I started off as a squirt in the lower ranks and every five years I got promoted on seniority."

"I'm where I am today because I didn't job hop or buck the system," explains Autumn. "I just stuck things out - aimed true to myself - and waited until I was old enough to get promoted."

"The higher up in the ranks I moved the more power and responsibility I gained," says Autumn.

"I've come a long way from lining up the kindergarten class, haven't I?"

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